“If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there.”  – Roy T. Bennett


Chosen By God For A Divine Purpose!

Ive always loved to write as far as I can remember, But I can vividly remember the very day I fell in love with writing. As a birthday gift I received a diary that came with a lock and some gel pens. On my eight birthday and on forward I would truly discovery just how much I loved pouring my heart out with a pen and paper.

My diary became my safe place, the one place I could process through my dreams, emotions, and thoughts for many years.

Then Boom... It happened

There I was 19 years old with 6 month old baby boy, A single mother and clocking in and out of a job I absolutely hated, yet desperate needed to make ends meet. As I sat at my desk daily I thought to myself " How did I get here?" "Why don't I write anymore?". Well, life happened to me and it snatched my passion for writing right along with it.

Removing the labels

While life was happening to me the negative labels piled on. I felt I was now disqualified to pursue my purpose and passion of writing and it was no way God would still choose someone like me to be a blessing to others through writing like I had once always dreamed of.

Have you ever placed labels on yourself that God didn't give to you like " not enough" or "disqualified"? Or rather it was someone else that placed labels on you that you had to fight to overcome? Thats okay if thats the case because but let me share with you the A fun fact! God grace is superior to whatever labels you need to say goodbye too!!!

OMGGOSHHH I GET SO EXCITED TALKING ABOUT "GRACE" wait but not just any grace. God's grace! The kind of grace that takes broken people like me & you and make them beautiful again.

Questions to ponder upon

  1. Can you recall a time when God's grace held you close?

  2. What lies are you accepting about yourself that you need to replace with God's truth to see yourself as chosen?

  3. Do you believe God has placed you on this earth with a divine purpose?

God is waiting for your yes "you were always chosen"

Remember how I shared with you earlier that I truly felt disqualified to pursue my dreams of writing because life hit me (like a ton of bricks) leaving me feeling broken beyond repair. Can I tell you how our loving heavenly father accepts every part of who we are. Yes, even the broken, damaged parts of us that we try to hide. He is willing to come get in our mess and come pick us up when we are ready.

I soon learned it was my story and struggles that I once thought held me captive of being "disqualified" were auctually the very things God used in my favor. It was time for me pick back up the pen and paper and break up with the lies of the enemy.

Genesis 50:20 "You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives."

Queen, your struggles will never disqualify you, better yet it can place you in position to better minister to those assigned to you. As a child of God we are chosen and there is nothing that can stop you from walking in your destiny besides yourself.

God is willing to met us where we are but the question is " Are you willing to give God your" YES?

Chosen on purpose, for a divine purpose

When we make a choice its typically with a purpose or end goal in mind! I absolutely love and look forward to my weekly Saturday self care day. So in preparation for self care day I intentionally choose my candle scents, bubble bath, and lighting to create the experience I am going for.

Likewise God is the same way! Being chosen by God is on purpose for a divine purpose.

Chosen to be a servant

Your gift is not so much about you but more importantly the community in which you serve.

1 Peter 4:10 "As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace".

Someone is waiting for you to arrive because they need what God has placed inside of you. Your identity of being chosen by God + your purpose is someone else blessing.

Question to consider

  1. How can I use my gifts & talents to serve someone else?

  2. In this season of my life what is my purpose?

  3. Do I view myself as chosen on purpose for a divine purpose? If not, why and how can I change that?

Always remember you are chosen on purpose for a divine purpose! Give God you're yes and watch him blow your mind.

Pink Sugar

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